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Great soundtrack, awesome animation, and a good story so far.
You've come a long way sing The Hunt! I absolutely cannot wait until Episode 2.

I can't get over how much I love the artistic shots.

-i2 (Paul)

Pretty good!

The graphics were pretty good, but I think they could've been better.

Vocals were on point.

The sound effects weren't too great though. The shots, sounded like fire crackers. I think if you had used two different sounds and alternated them while they were shooting, it would've had a better effect.

The beginning was pretty dry. I could picture some snare drums beating away in the background as the narrator spoke.

If you were to make this one of those stupidity comedies, it would've been great to see much more stupidity.

Pretty funny (made me smile but not chuckle)
Good graphics (good for a cartoon)

Good stuff man. Keep it up!


(oh yea, and keep the subtitles one font size for consistancy)

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Yeah I had trouble with the subtitles. I should've just used smaller sentences instead of long sqiushed ones.

lol That was a real Colt .55 Rifle gunshot actually. I'm not sure how'd I'd get it to sound different. Maybe I should've used a a diff gun. I see that now it would've been better with diff sound FX.

Oh yeah thanks for makin' that song. I was lookin' for somethin' that would give this the perfect feelin' and you had it.

I really wish I spent more time in the begining with the map now though. It does look rather stale.



great stuff dude, i like how you manipulate the coins.. and that stacking part :)

great music btw.. who made it? :D

M4KBOT responds:

Some guy called i2abbitz made the music, you might know him xD

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I Finally Got It!!!

I had to zoom into the left eye of the duck until the black covered the flash window and click 14 times. You have to do it along with the melody of the song and get it just right though.

Don't want to give away the ending.


Wow man, that was so addicting. Great concept and it has a really nice look to it. Keep it up man.


thank you for putting my song in your game. i am happy to say that i am absolutely embarrassed. not only did i make one crappy song, but this game just makes it seem so much worse.

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I'm lovin' it man! Definitely feelin' this track!

Very well made

Melodies are serene.
I love the simplistic drum kits.
Damn this song went all over the place.
Pianos are beautiful.
I like the "pulsing"cello-ish instrument in the beginning.
First beat was my favorite by far, probably because of those bongos or whatever.

Definitely excited to hear more from you.
(Check me out sometime)


The beat is what makes this song.
Those bells are really nice too, but that pluck!!! man... change it out for a different synth dude.

Everything goes together nicely. I like the changes in it. Really well put together. Just that harp-ish sound kinda....


keep it up!

Check me out sometime.

Keegs responds:

Haha. You're right, that synth is a little stinggy. I was going for an acoustic-guitar sound and that was as close as I could get. xD I'll remember to touch it up in the future!

Thanks for the Review!

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